An intimate and sweet sounding studio
A comfortable place to record and work on songs and music

What's going on?

Thanks for your interest. And welcome.

I run a small studio in West Wales, and work with a range of artists at various stages of their careers.

I have three decades of experience of writing, recording, playing and performing music.  

I now concentrate on the production side of the creative musical process. My service is very much aimed at individuals and small bands who want to record their own material, who might want or need some help in getting through the process and who want to take away a high quality recording of their own.

Whilst not able to do this for nothing, I do offer a professional service at reasonable and realistic prices. I also have a number of links with other local studios that enables me to extend the range of equipment and services available.

This website will hopefully provide an idea of what I do and what my music and the music recorded here sounds like. If you think I can help you, please get in touch for an informal chat.


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