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"Jake's laid back approach belies the wealth of experience and care going into every take in the studio, and creates a relaxing atmosphere to work and create.

It's great to record with someone with the flexibility to add stacks of creative input and really shape a track, from the arrangement through to the production, underpinned by an easy confidence with capturing a clean, dry take. A pleasure to work with!"

Ben - The Partisans

and Recording

If you have a completed track or album and want to produce it yourself, I can offer recording facilities and fulfil the role of recording engineer.  If you are in need of artistic and technical support, I can produce or co-produce your music with you.

In any circumstances I am most interested in providing the means for you to get the best out of your work. I am not a band manager or an A&R man, so will not seek to influence your material, unless you ask me to!

In terms of quality of recording, here are a couple of examples of un-mastered tracks  recorded recently and used with permission of the artists involved. 

Artist - Keith James -

Original - 'In the beginning' - music by Keith James, words from the poem by Dylan Thomas @2014 Keith James - mastered.

Original - 'Always' - music by Keith James, words from the poem by Garcia Lorca @2013 Keith James

Artists - The Partisans - Clare & Ben Ferguson-Walker Now performing as The Newly Deads

Original - Chasing the Morning

Original - Spring is coming round again


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